Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This past weekend my community's New York Province celebrated the 50th anniversary of their foundation, so they had a Mass and a reception in New York City.  I was coming back from my spring break in Washington, DC (coming soon), so I was able to be there for the celebration.  Got to see a lot of guys I had not seen in a long time.  Two in particular:

Br. Paul Montero is not only a current member of our general administration, living in Rome between his travels all over the world.  He is also my former high school principal and a long-time friend.  Because he is such a globe-trotter, I had not seen him in a few years, but as always, seeing him was a great grace of Brotherhood.  Even as a little kid, Paul made a big impression on me - he knew my name, knew my family, and was not just concerned about running the school: he loved us students.
Br. Gaston Lavoie is another old friend, but from my novitiate days, rather than from high school.  When I was a novice, Gaston was a new member of the general council, and he came to live with us for a couple of months to work on his English.  Every evening after dinner we would take a walk around the block, and he would let me work on the French with him, so we got to be friends, and my French got a lot better (or maybe, less bad) because of his congeniality.

Both of these guys are just Brothers' Brothers - no baloney, just men who love the Institute and have given their lives to making it work better.  Ametur Cor Jesu, Brothers, and happy anniversary.

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